Beverly Botsford

PERCUSSIONIST BEVERLY BOTSFORD creates soundscapes for Louise’s stories using bells, chimes, drums, gongs, rattles, and shakers from around the world. This is a high energy collaboration, well suited to school assembly programs, festivals, conferences and special events. 

Beverly is part of jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon’s touring ensemble, was part of the Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble for 15 years, has been on the faculty of the American Dance Festival since 1988, was a member of Jazz Ensemble Group Sax from 1980-1993. She also collaborates with singer Elise Whitt and Musician/Storyteller Paula Larke. Visit Beverly’s website.

Jef the Mime

Jef begins the entertainment before folks have even found their seats, with a “pre-show” clown/ mime/juggling act that causes kids AND teachers to ROAR with laughter. And then, we begin with Stories and Mime! Jef becomes a rooster prince, a poetry reciting toad, and a BAD WORD! Louise becomes a basilisk, a grumpy frog, and all the characters at an elegant garden party! Together they tell the stories with zany humor, animated movement, and bold fun!

Beverly and Louise

“Exciting, Vibrant, Colorful. . . from the moment Ms. Botsford enters the performing area, the air is charged with electricity.” – Pawtucket Elementary, Charlotte, NC

Jef the Mime
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